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Ready to join the SkyGlass platform?

How to gain access...

Getting on board is easy! Download the app, create a login inside of SkyGlass and boom... you're SkyRiding! When you're ready to subscribe there's a few more easy steps... Here's the breakdown:

To get your free trial started (subscription not required)... 

  • Sign Up to the website (at the top right) to create and verify your website account.  

  • Download and Install the SkyGlass app from the Downloads page.

  • Launch the SkyGlass app.  Choose a username and password, enter your email address* and click CREATE. *​Be sure to use the same email address that you will use for your subscription payment!​ Your SkyGlass app username cannot include special characters.

  • ​Next, look for the activation email from  Be sure to check your spam box! Click the activation link to activate your new SkyGlass login.  

  • Log into the SkyGlass app and explore! You have 30 days to evaluate SkyGlass before you need to subscribe.


Ready To Subscribe?  Here's how...

  • Return to this website and purchase a subscription* from the Plans & Pricing page. The SkyGlass Basic (monthly) subscription includes an extra two weeks of trial before the payments begin. Annual subscriptions begin immediately. When your paid subscription begins you will see updated end-date on the SkyGlass app login screen. Please allow a 24 hours for the system to update. *Be sure to use the same email when you checkout!! 

PLEASE NOTE: The onboarding process for the SkyGlass platform requires creating TWO accounts...

1. One here on the website, where you purchase and manage your subscription, and ...

2. another inside the SkyGlass app.


In order for your SkyGlass subscription to work correctly ALL email addresses must match... here on the website, inside the SkyGlass app and when you make your subscription purchase.


SkyGlass is available via a monthly or annual subscription.

Basic access is $5/month with a discount for annual subscribers.


Future releases may include premium level features at different subscription levels.



Quick Start Tips...

  • The best way to get started is to watch the most current Intro to SkyGlass video.  This will quickly orient you to the features and how to use SkyGlass most effectively. However if you want to jump right in, please see the following as a quick-start.

After you've entered SkyGlass ...

  • How to move the camera... Use your mouse left-button to move and right-button to rotate. Keyboard WASD keys and arrow keys also work. Shift-Left-Click and Q/E keys will raise and lower the camera POV. If you have a single button mouse or trackpad use ctrl-click-drag to rotate. Your mouse scroll wheel will zoom the camera in and out. If you have a game controller, this will also work with SkyGlass!

  • Load traffic by clicking the button at the top of the main button stack at the bottom right corner. This will load a snapshot of the live traffic based on your current mode and search parameters. To keep the traffic continually refreshing click the auto-refresh button in the auxiliary button stack, to the left of the main stack.

  • Use your mouse to hover over traffic which will load aircraft details in the top right corner.

  • Relative Height Slider... One unique feature of SkyGlass is the ability to stretch & squish the vertical axis changing each objects relative altitude. This makes SkyGlass more than just a traffic simulator but a dynamic and novel visualization tool. 

  • SkyGlass has two modes, standard mode and mil-ops mode. Standard mode loads traffic within the defined search radius around the current home location. Mil-Ops loads all military traffic world wide. SkyGlass defaults to Mil-Ops mode at startup as indicated by the green shield icon in the auxiliary button stack.

  • Use the Burn button (flame icon in the aux-button stack) to clear all loaded traffic and traces as well as stop any loading actions.

~ •

Join the SkyGlass Discord Server for more help and community support!


How to Upgrade... 

Uninstall / Reinstall.

First Step - Depending on which version you are upgrading from, windows users may want to use the system's "Add/Remove Programs" tool to uninstall as it may be slightly faster. If you have a fairly recent download, the current install process will automatically uninstall SkyGlass.

Mac users should simply delete any prior version of SkyGlass you have already installed.

Next download the latest SkyGlass from the DOWNLOADS page.


Windows users will download and run the SkyGlass installer. Once installed, launch SkyGlass using the shortcut on your desktop.

 Mac users will download the SkyGlass app as a zip file. Be sure to move the app to your applications folder.

Sign in to the App.

Launch SkyGlass and login using the same login credentials as you did before.

Before you’re able to run SkyGlass you will need to allow it access through any anti-virus, firewall, VPN or other network security software you may have running. If you are running anti-virus software you may need to configure the following to be allowed access:

After you login, you will see a welcome screen with details about your trial subscription or a current subscription if you have one.

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