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Launch Build is now available!

SkyGlass v1.1.2 is now available in the software downloads area.

I have had to restructure the folders based on what type of purchase you made. There are installers for both Mac and Windows versions.

This new version has several new features...

  • Type Colored Traces

  • Progress wheel along with a better countdown wheel

  • /All option in the standard search mode

  • more tweaks and fixes.

  • lots of ac type icon updates.

Soon I will increment the official version on the server and the next time you login you will see a yellow notice that it's time to upgrade.

Windows folks will need to uninstall prior to installing the new version. I am still working to minimize the uninstall time, but it's proving very difficult.

Mac folks, you now have a PKG installer!

You will no doubt get the standard resistance from your browser and operating systems about unknown software etc... Feel free to reach out if you can't find your way through.

Yipee!! Enjoy. Cheers.

Buckle Up2Day
Feb 23, 2022

I am not tech saavy at all, however I have an HP Google chromebook which will not allow the windows version to open. Is there a work around. I have found Google is not user friendly with other systems.



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