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SkyRider Foxtrot available now for Desktop and Android! iOS in the pipeline!

Today marks the 1-year anniversary of the official release of SkyGlass and what a year it's been! I am super grateful for the support of this awesome crew and I promise to keep cranking out new updates! Get the new update to SkyGlass ~ SkyRider Foxtrot here!

Scott Rasmussen
Jimmy L
Jimmy L
Apr 25, 2023

The Beta is great been waitng for it to come out on phone


I am looking for MonkeyWerx' watchlist... I thought i had downloaded it a while back but am looking for it now and cannot find it to import into my current app....

Anyone have it?



Goa ~ Maker of SkyGlass

It’s on the SkyGlass discord server. Jump on there and find the watchlist thread


This was interesting , have a modification flight over Minnesota . Checked weather app & whoopee do they having rain.As you can see i traced the flight to see where they had been

Goa ~ Maker of SkyGlass

Very interesting! What are they up to?!?


I've not checked in for a while as I've been deep into coding new features for SkyGlass 2.0!! Lots of airspace and some dynamic weather features in the pipeline ... I'll post again soon with a request for feedback once I've got the features to a stable state. But here's a little taste of some Class B, MOA, TFRs etc in 3D....! More soon!



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