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Ass for Watch Lists, is anyone offering their personal lists up here? I'm just now figuring out how to set them up, but I'd really like some expert choices to go by. I'd be more than happy to upload my feeble attempts, too. Maybe there could be a separate section up here just for individual Watch Lists?


- = Gary =-

michaela phillips
Goa ~ Maker of SkyGlass

Aha! Most of the watchlist action is on the SkyGlass discord server as there is a dedicated channel there… I can spin up a group or channel here on the website as well, but that may take a minute… Thanks for the feedback! Note… folks are already building MASSIVE watchlist with the new dB access.. which is great but will bogg SkyGlass if you don’t have a high powered machine.. Monkey’s list for example is 500+ ac but he’s got a custom built high end machine.. as he naturally should! But for most people it will slow their systems down on refresh and loading up the list. So, be mindful of your machine specs and I suggest keeping a lean watchlist.. sub 100 is always pretty snappy. With the ability to export / import, switching WL is easier.. I will be improving the overall speed of the Watchlist functionality but until then, if you have basic hardware, keep your watchlist(s) lean.



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