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DOES ANYONE IN HERE KNOW if the Air Force routinely deploys drones for photography or some other purpose during airshow demonstrations of their equipment? in 2021 we finally, after a 20 year drought, had an official airshow at our former AFB and still current home of the 190th ARW here in Topeka. The Viper demo team headlined the show and only during the F-16s time in the air I inadvertently captured images of what has to be a drone. It would be highly illegal for anyone else to have been flying a drone in proximity to an airshow, so i assume it was the Air Force. Any ideas?

Goa ~ Maker of SkyGlass

Interesting question. No ideas personally. However from a SkyGlass perspective if the mystery craft had a transponder (most drones do not) then it may have been caught on the feed. You can use the Time Travel Mode in SkyGlass to look and see what was being tracked at that time & place.



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