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Hey Goa, I had someone ask me a great question but I don’t have the answer. The question was about aircraft, specifically military types, and how they are labeled. The example given was that there are a few different types of C130 aircraft (for example HC130H and HC130J) and both of these sub types just show up as C130. The question was on how to narrow down the specific type of C130, can it be done? Thanks, Jim

Goa ~ Maker of SkyGlass
Goa ~ Maker of SkyGlass
Goa ~ Maker of SkyGlass
10 déc. 2021

Great question. Much of this is driven by the data received, meaning with the current system, the data that is returned directly is a single broad AC type, ie C130, C172, BE20, etc. There is a possibility of a further lookup by each aircraft to another db with deeper info on that specific tail number. I will keep this in mind as I explore the growing array of API options available for SkyGlass. I will also review the datasets and see if there’s anything else I can easily access or cross ref to get this kind of detail. Excellent question!! Anyone else like to see this feature come to fruition?



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