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Okay, guys and gals - here's my problem. I have figured out how to add "Home" pins to my map, and previously had 3 - CONUS, EUROPE, HAWAII and my home 18071. I recently added a pin for ASIA, right next to Taiwan, so I could watch the traffic around the Pelosi farce. When I use the CONUS map and scroll over to the Pacific, I can see the traffic at HAWAII. When I jump over to Hawaii, I can see the HA traffic and also Taiwan.

But when I use the pin for ASIA, all traffic in the Pacific disappears...nothing from China to HA. If I jump to the Europe map and drag to China, all traffic is there. It is only when I jump to the ASIA pin that the traffic departs.

Might it be that, somehow, that pin I set is somehow "off the map?" I have also compared the SkyGlass map to ADS-B Exchange, and see traffic on ADS but not SG.

michaela phillips


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